WOW: December 2020 newsletter edition

In case you have missed it, here's our December 2020 edition of JOIN21 newsletter!


Networks and competitiveness!

I welcome you to this month’s newsletter with a story about our first customer.

When we met in late 2017, this chain of 150 IT resellers was facing fierce competition and considering a merger that would take them to 800 employees from 550. The challenge: to merge dealers that often compete and find a way to improve innovation, agility, and productivity by turning their collective expertise into an asset.

We gathered organizational network insights from all the employees through a survey, as well as data from their collaboration technology. The resulting
network map showed how many leaders and employees were entirely unconnected. Furthermore, a few central people had become communication bottlenecks, creating silos across the retail chain.

By processing the new insights, visualizing where the expertise sat, and connecting the unconnected created new energy as dealers began to collaborate to beat the market’s incumbents. They have worked diligently to discover their organization’s untapped potential. The CEO recently told me that, in the middle of a pandemic, they have managed to be agile and work across units to make 2020 their best ever year.

The story shows a way in which smaller companies can outcompete larger companies – by leveraging the internal network of expertise and connecting it to the external networks of customers, partners and suppliers.

In our last newsletter, I wanted to inspire us as individuals to ‘being networked’. This time, I hope you will give your department or
organization a new look and ask to help set its expertise and energy in motion to outcompete the competition.

In Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 65% identified the shift from functional hierarchies to team-centric and network-based organizational models as “important” or “very important.” Yet only 7% of the respondents believed that their organizations were “very ready” to execute the shift to network-based models – and only 6% rated themselves as “very effective” at managing cross-functional teams.

It’s time to step up, folks 😊

Merry Christmas, good reading and stay connected!

Jan Taug, PhD          

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The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization made a special case for Father Christmas, and he is going to be top of our list.

—Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, responds to a member of the public who says her three children were asking if Santa will be prioritized for a vaccine.


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