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Gain a deeper understanding of which business improvements can be achieved and how. We have worked with organizations ranging from a startup of seven people plus their partners to a global business with 40.000 employees!

How can network leadership be applied to the way we live in communities, not only work? Learn about it in this story of how one growing municipality aimed became one of the most innovative, effective and competent in Norway.

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Can lessons learned from network analysis of one 16 employees SMB be applicable to all different SMBs of Norway? Yes, they can, and here’s how.

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How can network analysis change huge global company, make people, projects and communities across Norway, Central Eastern Euorpean and Asia easier to find, connect and create value? We’ll tell you.

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How to balance a distributed organization with 150 resellers and utilize their capacity through better knowledge sharing and improve the collaboration with key partners and customers? This is the story of that.

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Learn how one municipality improved digital fitness and productivity

We met a growing municipality, with an ambition to develop further and become known as an innovative, competent organization. Today, it is one of the most effective municipalities in Norway. Our network analysis unveiled insights on how people used to work, how they should connect and what else ought to be transformed in order to succeed.

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