PRESS RELEASE: AGILIATE LAUNCH – digital tool for efficient workplace design

LINK Architecture, one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural companies and technology company JOIN21 has tested a new workplace-product with several organizations. The product connects today's organization and its internal and external relationships with the need for collaboration, hybrid ways of working, flexible offices and workplaces.

How to adapt the office space for hybrid ways of work?

Previously, the organization had to adapt to the office, now it is the other way around…

Visionary leaders globally are looking for the right hybrid work formula for their organization. They know that good work ethic creates commitment, productivity, innovation, and competitive advantage. At the same time, the flexibility associated with home offices will increase trust and engagement. The most valuable experts and top talents require flexibility – if this factor is lacking, many will find a company that offers flexibility.

A summary of workplace research globally shows, on average, that 20% of employees want to return to the office full time, and many have a job that requires it. 20% prefer to work from home, and 60% want a hybrid setup. The biggest mistake managers make when making ‘back to office’ strategies is to take a top-down perspective. To create competitiveness and ensure that experts and talents choose your company, the hybrid process must be employee-focused, with freedom and flexibility built into the design.


What is Agiliate?

Agiliate is a planning tool for companies considering reorganizing office space, in connection with relocation or redevelopment. Through a digital participation process, today’s situation and tomorrow’s needs are mapped. This is how the tool is used to recommend appropriate area distribution, adapted to the company’s culture, collaboration, and workplace needs.

The tool is used to map employees’ work processes, collaboration patterns, use of technology, time and place, to find the most appropriate way to perform tasks. These are key premises for the newly developed digital tool, jointly developed by LINK Architecture and JOIN21.


Resource-saving process

With the reopening of the society, there are new opportunities for smarter organizations of the work arena, such as network offices (co-working), company offices, and home offices. Example: An IT company moves to new offices and considers 50% space occupancy. This means that 50% of the employees will be in the office at all times. The other 50% are in a home office or work in a network office. They have mapped their organization as a network and have identified when (days and times) people will be in the office, and how the office can be adapted to the organization’s needs. Measures are done to improve productivity through agility, collaboration, work culture, presence, social zones, and office types.

By using the Agiliate tool, the workplace needs of the organization is adapted, and not vice versa. Reorganizing offices is usually a time-consuming process, but Agiliate tool uses new method and technology that shortens the process. Workplace planning becomes more precise because solutions are tailored to the organization and users’ needs, based on data-driven insights.


Reducing costs

An important solution to improve your company’s flexibility is to do analyses of workflow, collaboration, and physical organization.

Such a combo is possible with new digital tools such as Agiliate, developed by the technology company JOIN21 and the architectural firm LINK. Digital mapping with Agiliate helps companies reduce the risk of incorrect planning and office allocation.

Incorrect design of rental areas can be very expensive and result in poor energy and environmental footprint. Agiliate drastically reduces the time spent on internal user processes and adapts area and space programs for hybrid ways of work.

The method provides more precise analysis of the need for work, which reduces the risk of having to rebuild, or change the office after moving in. With Agiliate, office space can be planned with great precision, low risk and reduced expenses for office space and related facilities.


Interdisciplinary collaboration

JOIN21’s insights and competence in organizational science, use of digital tools, flexibility and knowledge flow, correspond very well to LINK Architecture’s competence related to the physical workplace.

We consider JOIN21 and LINK expertise to be a perfect match since they both contribute to the development of a new workplace design tool that will revolutionize traditional user processes by using objective data and making the workplace more efficient. This is something that the market really needs now.


Optimal workflow

JOIN21 and LINK are developing a unique tool for companies that are considering moving or reorganizing office space, in connection with relocation or remodeling. Through a digital participation process and data collection, the current situation and tomorrow’s needs are mapped. The tool is used to recommend a good workflow, area distribution, and workplace setup adapted to the company’s workplace, organization, and collaboration.

Agiliate adapts the workplace design to the organization and not the other way around. Reorganizing offices is usually a time-consuming process. New methods and technology shorten the process and save organizations large sums of money. Workplace planning becomes more precise because solutions are tailored to organization and user’s needs, based on data-driven insights.


Since our method is an action, we needed a verb that describes “how to do something more agile”, ie “to agiliate something”. Agiliate is thus not only a new digital tool but also a new verb derived from the adjective agile. “We had to allow ourselves to agile with words as well”, explains the duo Jan Taug, Ph.D. in JOIN21, and Pontus Brusewitz in LINK Architecture.



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Jan Taug

Leader and founder, JOIN21

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Pontus Brusewitz

Professional leader IARKInterior

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