Our Story

The journey started with a PhD and developing a Way of Work (WoW) program for a global telecom including an adoption program helping people and organizations get benefit from technology globally.

How it all started…

We collected data from the business units and were able to document how knowledge flow was created across a global company. And we uncovered a huge untapped potential.

You can benefit from our experience in creating value by helping people benefit from new technology. It might be what consultants call digitization these days. For us digitalization is helping people use technology to work smarter and contribute in increased productivity and value creation.

The tree of knowledge

To engage people globally we made a connection to Norwegian mythology and Yggdrasill, the tree of knowledge. We shared a story that engaged employees globally.

The tree unites the gods, the people, the leaders and the dead, and reflects the upswings and downturn of the universe. The roots connect the different worlds and the three “Norns”: Urd (History), Veranda (Present) and Skuld (Future) take care of the roots that create life and knowledge.

They work with the roots, and two roots touch each other, that’s when people meet. And that might be the most important task to secure our future.

And that just happened, nice to meet you …

Our vision …

We help people and organizations realize its potential in an increasingly connected world.

Our Values


Care became a value when one of our first customers, head of a county in Norway, said: “You guys really care about us.” It’s because we set people first. A new strategy or digitalization are not working if people don’t do something differently, so caring and helping is central to us.


Sharing starts with giving. And sharing drives trust. We live with the principle of ‘Pay it forward’. If someone does something good turn around and do something good to others. An remember that transparency enables Trust.


Trust is about building positive relationships over time, and we learned from home and in school that trust must be earned. In JOIN21 trust is given, and it’s up to you to keep it. At the same time trust is the one thing the corporate world traditionally lacks.


Energy is the fuel needed in any organization, and tightly connected to continuous improvement. Energy is contagious and creates an innovative atmosphere. Energy is also created in frictions and in the ‘in between’ places. By living our values we will have a great place to work, and our values will help us prosper.