JOIN21 Collaboration connects everyone and everything in your organization. It brings people closer to each other and keeps the task at hand, making decisions quick, knowledge shared and community thriving. The Gallup report on the state of business in 2018 showed connected companies perform better: they are 21% more profitable, 17% more productive, and have 40% less employee turnover. Two years later, it’s even more evident. Online, remote workplace took over the world in 2020, making digital fitness the key parameter for competitiveness and value creation.

Let us help you get ahead by bringing all your employees, branches, customers, suppliers and partners together as one team.



What makes us different is the way we approach networks.

1. Easy setup

Fast deployment in the cloud, quick set up and easy tutorials.

2. Intuitive to use

High adoption as it resembles the consumers social networks.

3. Value creation

Empowering the sharing culture across boundaries, making tasks and targets easy to meet.

4. Data generator

Filtering the data from JOIN21 Collaboration platform through JOIN21 Insights to gain an in-depth analysis of the organization as a network.


Improve employee engagement

Boost knowledge flow

Increase innovation

Increase productivity

Reduce cost

Save time


Individual, Group & Network Level

Users create profiles and build their reputation over time. They create, join and interact in open or closed groups, sharing knowledge, collaborating or just mingling. The network module provides a matchmaking arena and an overview of bigger communities.

Sharing environment

Users communicate and share content easily and effectively on newsfeed, in groups or direct chats. They can send messages, reminders, reports, files, links, photos, videos. Gamification is an important driver of users’ behavior, motivating them to contribute actively, creating engagement and loyalty.

Knowledge Building

Users can publish articles, enriched with images, videos, files and links, and are organized effectively into categories to build up knowledge database. E-courses and micro-lessons can also be easily created or taken by users.


Users can promote events such as meetups, courses, keynotes, social events, conferences and more, as well as create engagement before, during and after event. Events can be open, closed or even secret.



You can add your brand colors and logo to make the space really feel like your company home.


This is a multiplatform solution, accessible on the web or on their iOS/Android via app.


It is a window into the inner mechanics of your organization, measuring how relationships, tasks and personal growth is going from week to week.

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