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JOIN21 is a next-generation technology company.

Simply put, our technology platform is Google Earth for organizations. Zoom out to see department silos, bottlenecks and how your organization interacts with customers, partners, and suppliers. Zoom in to identify informal leaders and see how well teams, projects and individuals are leveraging their expertise.

Management teams are struggling with COVID19 disruptions and how to strike the right balance between work and place, adjust the business model, build an agile organization, and Improve innovation and digital transformation.

Our network analytics platform provides access to real-time data, presented in convenient dashboards for managers and employees. Network insights calculate value drivers and indexes to build better teams, promote interaction, and help organizations succeed in digitization.

We have worked with companies in Scandinavia and abroad uncovering silos, isolated expertise, low digital fitness, merger tactics, and weak connections to customers and partners. Measurable effects are higher engagement, increased innovation, lower cost, and Win-backs and customer growth.

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