JOIN21 is a people and organization analytics company incorporated in Norway. Simply put, our technology is Google Earth for organizations. Zoom out to see department silos, bottlenecks, and how your organization interacts with customers, partners, and suppliers. Zoom in to identify informal leaders and see how well teams, projects, and individuals are leveraging their expertise.  



Never has network analytics and insights been more relevant than right now. We live in a world learning to work remotely, and leaders search for new tools to understand how their organization is working when people are no longer at their desks.

- Jan Taug, PhD

We work with investors, organizations, and business clusters and we provide them with network insights and trending value drivers, as well as AI-matchmaking services. Our revenues from day one and our pilot customers have confirmed that people find our product useful and that they are willing to pay for the service it provides.



Investors, boards, and leaders lose money and talents as they struggle to master the new distributed business landscape and remote ways of work.

Research show organizations utilize, on average, less than 60% of their potential and the key problems are:



Too slow to digitalize and modify the business model

Silos kill knowledge flow and innovation

Struggle to connect, recruit and retain top talent

This means that 90% of leaders still embrace a leadership model which is controlling and top-down. A model that builds silos and limits the ability to exchange ideas and knowledge and too often kills engagement, innovation, and productivity.

This approach always poses a problem, and with today’s challenges, more alarming than ever!

The last two years have shown that the world has changed. Investors, organizations, managers, and employees alike need to think about how their work is done in new ways.

In order to succeed in the current business environment, businesses must shift their paradigm. This is what JOIN21 brings to the table, now that it is needed most.



“JOIN21 has a strong interdisciplinary international team creating a unique network-based transformative technology that may become a world standard. They provide managers and employees with unique insights on how to locate, bring into motion and better utilize existing knowledge through their cloud-based technology. It is no surprise such technology comes from Norway connecting solid democratic values with advanced tech-communities producing successful start-ups.)”

- Investor Henrik Carlsen, CEO, MagnusChess AS and Owner and Advisor for stock listed PlayMagnus corporation.



Leaders need to manage organizations as networks of relationships and use network-based analytics software to improve agility, innovation, and competitiveness.

JOIN21 helps you visualize how your organization actually works and how remote work affects the organization and customers, partners, and suppliers.

Organizations need relevant and objective data from people, bots, technology, and office space to provide unique AI insights into trends, value drivers, change predictions, and financial forecasts.

This shift does not come by itself – new processes and technologies are necessary, and the advantages are many:

HUMAN CAPITAL: Connect, recruit and retain top talent

AGILITY: Kill silos and improve knowledge-flow

INNOVATION: Connect key experts across domains

PRODUCTIVITY: Increase digital competence

GROWTH: Understand how to adapt to mergers and acquisitions

COMPETITIVENESS: Digitalize and modify the business model

CULTURE: Build a motivating, engaging, and open culture



We help SMB companies succeed with digitalization. The network insights we got from JOIN21 was a gamechanger. We took actions immediately to improve our own organization and work with JOIN21 to make a network insight product for the SMB market.

- Liv Dingsør, CEO Digital Norway


Our real-time SaaS platform is Google Earth for organizations. ZOOM IN on departments, teams, and individuals. ZOOM OUT on customers, partners, and suppliers.


Zooming in on a Global solar power company. Circles are people, colors are departments, and the thickness of lines represents relations. Management monitored organizational developments over time and used network insights to improve engagement by 35% and Productivity by 20% – saving USD 13 million.


Our Academy courses mix theory with practice and real data.

JOIN21 ACADEMY helps managers and employees understand and apply network leadership in the organization and elsewhere in life. We have open global courses and customized courses that include a network analysis pilot in the organization.


With Network leadership insights and tools, JOIN21 gives you actionable insights relevant to your work scope, expertise, KPIs and network – whether you are a chief executive, department leader, project manager, or employee.

- Starling Hunter, JOIN21 Partner, PhD, Professor at MIT

We offer open courses that are available to everyone, as well as customized courses for universities, businesses, and government agencies.

We have open courses on global platforms, customized courses, seminars and webinars.



We have piloted large, medium, and small private and state organizations and signed strategic partners in Norway, Scandinavia, Europe, and the Middle East.

We have worked with state agencies, municipalities, universities and large, medium and small private organizations including Telcos, Retail, SaaS, Hotels, Co-working, Architects, Gaming industry, and more. In total 30+ organizations and 7 partners.

The video shows input from some of our customers



A Telco represented in 14 countries needed to transform from a holding company to a global company and they decided to use network insights to uncover unused potential.

This was the key impact:


◾ Struggling with siloed business units
◾ Lack of collaboration between leaders
◾ Underutilization of experts globally


◾ Used network insights
◾ Started digitalization
◾ Boosted global collaboration


◾ 25% rise in innovation
◾ 30% increased efficiency
◾ 35% improved utilization of global resources





NETWORK LEADERSHIP  is to calculate how your organization really works, as a network, to understand informal relationships, connections between experts, departments, customers, partners, and markets.

WORK SMARTER  is to see how agility, digital fitness, innovation, and other important value drivers can be improved, backed up by collaboration technologies, actionable insights and AI-based simulations.

RESULTS IN REAL-TIMEare to master network management, make computer-based decisions that work, learn to read and measure data in real-time, make good simulations, make future decisions based on insights, and take appropriate actions.




I was totally amazed after seeing how exactly and powerful this is. JOIN21 guided us through the transformation of becoming a more networked, smarter and efficient organization.



It has been important for us to confirm that the products are relevant to different organizations and industries in different countries.


Meet the global JOIN21 team and some reflections about our journey

Today, JOIN21 has 6 people full-time with a strong and positive network of highly respected experts where everyone is treated equally regardless of status and background. We collect good people with solid values.

We build the company with a focus on cross-functionality and work as we live, in networks:

JOIN21 is a network-oriented organization with good and solid values

Employees and important strategic partners have shares in the company and have clear roles and responsibilities. We have weekly follow-up meetings with a focus on development, sales and marketing, and partners.

Jan Taug, PhD, General Manager and Founder, Norway

Jan Taug, PhD, General Manager and Founder, Norway Norway MBA in International Business and PhD in Organizational systems. Serie entrepreneur and including SaaS. Expert on agility, intangibles and value creation. Venture capitalist for more than 12 years.

Henrik Bentzen, MSc, Head of Development and Operations, Norway

Henrik Bentzen, MSc, Head of Development and Operations, Norway Entrepreneur and technologist devoted to the opportunities cloud technology offers organizations and people.

Starling Hunter, PhD, Head of Research, Sweden

Starling Hunter, PhD, Head of Research, Sweden Professor of Organizations and Strategy, MBA and PhD from Duke University.

Teodora Puiu, Project Manager, Romania

Teodora Puiu, Project Manager, Romania Project manager with expertise in learning for various international teams in all industries.

Irena Stojimirovic, Marketing Manager, Serbia

Irena Stojimirovic, Marketing Manager, Serbia Leader of marketing activities with a focus on social media, digital marketing and content production.

Lars Karløf, PhD, General Manager of JOIN21 Sweden, Sweden

Lars Karløf, PhD, General Manager of JOIN21 Sweden, Sweden Researcher, Geo-Physics and leader from academia and industry-leading R&D in climate and materials science.

Milan Markov, MSc, General Manager of JOIN21 Serbia, Serbia

Milan Markov, MSc, General Manager of JOIN21 Serbia, Serbia Entrepreneur and digital services geek. Marketer with a technical background.

Maja Mitic, Head of Design and Branding, Serbia

Maja Mitic, Head of Design and Branding, Serbia Analytical mind, creative heart. Ex Branding Strategist, Copywriter and Creative Leader with 10 years of experience.


Management and board members have extensive experience in business, organizational and product development, all of which help to build a global company with a network of partners to make network leadership the standard of how we lead and work through new forms of work.


We base our solutions on experienced leaders, practitioners, and cutting-edge research. Our employees are top leaders, researchers and professors from universities such as MIT, DUKE, UiO, BI Carnegie Mellon. Our 5 Ph.D.’s have unique knowledge in systems theory, capital forms, political economy, organizational design and networks, adversity and resilience, geophysics, knowledge exchange and value creation. All critical to our customer’s work and product development.


Our programmers and ‘data scientists’ work closely with our researchers and customers and specialize in building complex and data-driven software solutions. Our UX/UI designers have broad experience, strategic thinking and an eye for details. We have built a system based on automation of marketing and our marketing experts have extensive experience in digital marketing and knowledge to take a global position.

Paul Stoltz,

Paul Stoltz, PhD, CEO of Peak learning Inc World's leading authority of grit and resilience.

Wolfgang M Neumann,

Wolfgang M Neumann, N/A Chairman, Director and Strategic Advisory roles, mentor and coach

Elisabeth P. Montgomery

Elisabeth P. Montgomery PhD, Human Organizational Systems, Senior Advisor on Internationalization in China, USA, and Latin America. Career Education Expert.

Fred DeKay

Fred DeKay PhD Economics, Professor Emeritus, Seattle University, Consulting Economy

Henrik Carlsen,

Henrik Carlsen, CEO MagnusChess AS, owner & advisor for the stock listed PlayMagnus corporation.

Sigurd Gran

Sigurd Gran MBA, Marketing strategist, focus on marketing execution and customer acquisition

Bjørn Magnus Kopperud, MSc

Bjørn Magnus Kopperud, MSc Investor, Experienced top manager, MSc Computer Science, NTNU. Former Executive Vice President and CEO of major international IT and telecom companies.

Liv Dingsør

Liv Dingsør Specializing in economic analysis. NHH University and exchange program at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


People and organizational analytics have a high growth rate of 55% compound annual growth rate in the last 4 years, according to Red Thread Research, Market Watch, and others. Using only 14%, the Total Addressable Market is USD 5 billion in 2027.

The Serviceable addressable market is USD 1,5 billion and the service obtainable market is USD 159 million in 2027, with 15 million in NORDIC – 55 million in EUROPE and 88 million GLOBALLY.


6. Further Growth



We offer a free trial to potential clients so they can experience our unique software and the insights it provides, as well as three pricing plans and several add-ons. The 10/14/18 price plan is based on pilot customer research, and our previous work in a SaaS cloud-broker, provides pricing insights from global SaaS marketplaces.

We target investors, boards, organizations, and business clusters, and provide unique insights to secure a winning recipe.




With network analytics in Telenor, we discovered that 14 business units across the world did not collaborate well. The network insights were groundbreaking and led us to develop a global collaboration platform and connect experts across borders. It truly made us a global company and boosted results.

- Bjørn Magnus Kopperud, MSc and Previous EVP in Telenor


Our Software as a Service Platform drives revenues in a global marketplace including direct sales, SaaS marketplaces and revenues from partner ecosystem. 


It has been important for us to confirm that the products are relevant to different organizations and industries in different countries.

We are 40-50% from Platform launch and use parts of the platform to deliver customer insights, including recurring agreements.

The revenue and cost graphs are based on a top-down and bottom-up model, and new revenues build on top of existing recurring revenue, targeting USD 159 million in 2027.


We have strong marketing and sales power couple making us visible globally. Our outreach attracts customers, investors, and consulting companies.

We apply a human-centric marketing approach, reaching out to managers and employees. We mix three important tactics, to create diverse, engaging content and a smart process that leads to customer meetings.


CUSTOMER GROWTH – use our own global networks and email lists to engage customers and offer them to test our courses or products.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Provides relevant and educational insights to defined relevant audiences and which companies and countries have the greatest appetite for network management and related technology.

BUILDING COMMUNITY – Educates and engages stakeholders with webinars, courses, and newsletters. We have received good feedback on our transparency and disclosure of insight materials.


THE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION COST – USD 750 based on a 2-year customer lifetime.

We onboard our pilot customer and upsell relevant subscription plans and push add-ons.



I invested in JOIN21 in 2018 because the network philosophy and technology brings brand new energy to today’s leadership. It enables meaningful work and helps people find ways to optimize communication, collaboration, influence, make good decisions, and create energy and trust.

- Paul G. Stoltz, Founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc.


Our strength is business development for investors, boards, leaders/employees and business clusters. Competitors focus on HR challenges and HR departments.

Our Global success is about AI-fueled business development for all stakeholders. Our unique insights like trending value drivers, and AI based matchmaking — drive value creation.


Our Global success is about AI-fueled business development for all stakeholders, not only HR.

We focus on Analytics for all stakeholders including Investors, Boards, Management, Departments, projects and teams, Employees and Business clusters.


We provide: Customized views, Trending value drivers, Internal & external network insights, Internal and external benchmarking, AI based experts/team matchmaking, and Individual improvement insights.

We believe that business success is a function of enhanced value creation. This includes better utilization of existing resources, increased agility and competitiveness, improved digitalization and productivity, boosted knowledge flow and innovation, and reduced cost. Increased profit and share price are the result.

Our Global success is about AI-fueled business development for all stakeholders. Our unique insights like trending value drivers, and AI based matchmaking — drive value creation.



Our competitors have grown from universities with a narrow focus on HR, using older algorithms and technology. The good thing is that they help make network analysis known.



Position, direction, and speed are the three main ingredients for becoming an important global player.



I have invested in JOIN21 as they address the sudden global remoteness that people and leaders struggle with. Of course, as an economist, I like the Monthly Recurring Revenue business model for JOIN21 products. They have proven the business needs from different domains and markets, the team is highly competent and I am excited to be part of their journey.

- Fred DaKay PhD at John Hopkins University, Professor Emeritus in Economics, Economic Consultant, Acting Dean Albers School of Business, Seattle University, VP Operations for a tech start-up.

We focus our investments on the top 3 drivers to take a global market share:

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATIONS: 1) Investments to finalize the platform with artificial intelligence (AI), simulations, and prediction algorithms. 2) Ensure industry-ready products and processes so that customers can purchase the products online and/or through partners. 3) We also work with ISO certification and processes to protect our products (IPR or patents).
NEEDS: Hiring data scientist, AI expert, operations engineer + Hire: IPR/patent expert

ORGANISATIONAL GROWTH: 1) Help to increase sales by building a strong, profitable partner ecosystem. We have already tested with some partners confirming that the product is very important. At the same time, they are very pleased that we do not take the consultant job from them. 2) Help us focus on strengthening our subsidiaries and establishing more strategic offices.
NEEDS: Hiring sales and marketing manager, partner manager

GLOBAL MARKETING: We need more power in our marketing machine. We have tested and found a good formula for using automated marketing and have a good setup and team.
NEEDS: Market investments of approximately NOK 50-100,000 per month through 2021 to become more visible to both customers and partners in selected countries and segments.

The founders of JOIN21 have experience in building a SaaS broker platform and a successful ecosystem in a large global company.



Since its founding in early 2018, the company has invested about USD 1 million (NOK 8 million). It plans to raise additional capital for further development, global scale-up, and market growth and to search for industrial investors in 2022.

We as founders are also participating in the capital increase, and we will continue to fund JOIN21 going forward.


Revenue growth per quarter.

Aggregate figures with all our monthly repetitive earnings (MRR) based on monthly active users (MAU).


The main drivers for OPEX are Marketing and Sales driven by marketing spend and resources to drive in / outbound marketing and sales processes.


Research and product development costs as well as internal and external resource investments.



Total figures with all our monthly repetitive earnings (ARR) based on monthly active users (MAU).

Estimated Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Per Each Quarter For SaaS Subscription


Forecasted margin development per year.



JOIN21 INSIGHT is a gamechanger for the business world. It has the potential to transform the way we work and lead organizations into the next decade. Given my background, I am also excited about the way JOIN21 has connected organizational network insights with future workplaces. It used to be organizations adjusting to the workplace, but with JOIN21 intelligent technology, we can now fit the workplace to the organizational needs.

- Wolfgang Neuman, Chairman of The Hauge Hotel School and of Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, multiple Non-Executive Director and Strategic Advisory roles, Mentor and coach.



We are welcoming existing and new investors who believe in the product and have a 4-year horizon.

A profitable exit strategy will be to remain an investor in JOIN21 until we have an industrial investor with long-term plans or, alternatively, an international ‘venture’ capital company that is interested in a share issue where we include purchases from existing shareholders.


We expect that value will increase further as we reach our goal of becoming a leading player (category captain) globally, and have a finished product V3, as well as a partner program with subscription, support services, and consulting.

EXIT STRATEGY: Industrial investor, start preparing Initial Public Offering (IPO) and pursue other relevant investment opportunities. 


As the company is established globally, there will be new exit opportunities. The value drivers are: Global Footprint, Finished Product V4, International Partner Program and, an international database of key-value drivers and industry indexes.

EXIT STRATEGY: Industrial investor OR Euronext Growth at Oslo Stock Exchange

The global position and growth are an important strategic measure of value development, as it implies an opportunity for long-term growth and good profitability.


Insights on capital raising and on-boarding of shareholders:

  1. Read about the company’s valuation in the term sheet in data room.
  2. During the ongoing pre-allocation campaign, investments from the Advisory Board and some of our initial investors are in process.
  3. Shareholders in JOIN21 will be kept up to date on the company in quarterly reports, and all investors will receive our monthly Newsletter.
  4. The company has two classes of shares; Class A and Class B. The difference between Class A and Class B shares is that the company’s B shares do not have the right to vote at the general meeting. We only issue A shares in this capital increase.


The relationship between knowledge and value creation is a lot about setting knowledge in motion. Research shows 90% of leaders have never seen their organization as a network.
Scary, as it is in networks trust is created, knowledge lives, and work happens – we are all leaders of our own networks. It is time to use network insights to utilize the untapped potential.

- Jan Taug, PhD

We hope to see you on the investor list and look forward to an exciting journey. If you would like further information, please use the Discussion function (in the menu). If it is important, contact Jan Taug – [email protected]

Investment information

Start date: March 21. 2022 12:00
End date: April 30. 2022 21:00

Number of shares: 7.020.503

Shares for sale: 1.769.124

Remaining shares: 1.713.124

Price per share (08.03.22): USD 0,57 / EUR 0,52 / NOK 5,11

Number of buyers: 1

Minimum shares to buy: 2.000 shares

Minimum investment: USD 1.200 / EUR 1.100 / NOK 10.000

Maximum shares to buy: 1.713.124 shares

Maximum investment: USD 976.418 / EUR 890.824 / NOK 8.754.063

Value before issue: USD 4.001.686 / EUR 3.650.661 / NOK 35.874.770



Our Prospect and Data-room is available on web and by email, including audited 2020 annual reports, self-reported information, and other relevant documents. They are listed to help you determine if this is a good investment for you.

You can connect to CEO Jan Taug for information. If anyone in the public thinks some of the information is incorrect, please report to CEO Jan Taug – [email protected]

We provide all potential investors an open and active discussion forum as an instrument for making our funding process made more transparent.


JOIN21 AS has a shareholder agreement requiring shareholders to agree on Tag-along and Drag-along. The Tag-along and Drag-along rights will be included in the articles of association (in the documents section).


We have paying customers. Previous and current revenues are related to deliveries based on our semi-automatic technology platform, our Baseline product. The platform is under development. We have delivered to 25+ companies in Scandinavia and internationally. It has given us unique insight and verification of the importance of our products.

We have established agreements with four partners who resell our service to their clients, and we prodide them with a unique product that increase sales capacity and revenue.

When everything stopped in March 2020 with Corona, we were quick to change the focus in a fairly “dead” market to focus on the development of the products, based on insights and wishes from our existing customers. It was a bit heavy from March to October, but we managed to focus on product development. We also got new customers in 2020 and 2021.

We also used 2020 and 2022 to test our marketing strategy and tactics. With some customer income and our own investments, we were able to keep the development and the company going, and we are now in a good position for further growth. Unfortunately, there were too many Startup companies that did not have the same possibilities and did not make it.


We are a B2B company, meaning we are a company that sells to other companies. We have already worked with companies in Scandinavia and internationally and deliberately tested different types of companies such as large, medium, and small companies, as well as government agencies, municipalities, co-working and more.

It has been important for us to confirm that all types of organizations need our products. JOIN21’s target group during this scaleup phase is organizations with between 100 and 1000 employees. Medium-sized businesses are underserved. We focus on relevant customers and decision-makers, what motivation and/or challenges they have, and what problems JOIN21 can help them solve for their organization and end-users.

We focus on senior managers (preferably a little visionary/forward-leaning), HR managers (preferably with strategic focus) and communication managers who need good communication flow both internally and externally. We also search for key people without formal decision-making power (influencers) and strategic IT managers.


We are a global company from the start, as reflected within our work colleagues. We are focusing on Scandinavia now and are testing the product in other countries such as Finland, Netherlands, and USA.

When the SaaS platform is ready, including operation and support, it can be purchased from anywhere in the world. We have already worked with international companies that confirm the need. The partner strategy is critical for us to succeed globally. We have previously established a global telco that provided SaaS services in 14 countries.



The company has received a Start-up loan of 1,5m NOK in 2019 from Innovation Norway that was extended with an additional 0,9m NOK in 2020. In total 2,4 m NOK in loan from Innovation Norway. The first loan is interest-free until 1.10.2021 and due 10.04.2023 (in total 1,5m NOK). The second extension to the loan is interest-free until 10.01.2023 and due 10.07.2024 (in total 0,9m NOK).


The approved funding through ‘SkatteFUNN’ accounts for 19% of the R&D costs in a project. The support is calculated on the Norwegian taxable part of development costs incurred per project year and comes as a tax deduction or as a direct payment.

We are working on two Innovation Projects to be presented to the Research Council and Innovation Norway. Most likely Innovation Partnership and -contract. One proposal for a development project together with the architect company LINK. The other is focusing on Company clusters and network insights, the project will be conducted with Proptech Norway. The product will use AI and have simulation algorithms to find relevant solutions.


We are 6 people that work full time. We have two key experts in Stockholm, and established JOIN21 Sverige AB. We have two key experts in Belgrade, and we are in process of establishing JOIN21 Doo in Serbia.

The founders have experience from 3 previous start-ups in the game development industry, a biotechnology company, and a SaaS company. Employed (2) and experts (5) working full time through partner contracts. All experts work as ‘employees’ and are also co-owners in JOIN21 AS.

We have signed development resources, business partners and strategic partners with associated shareholder agreements to secure global reach. Deversity Doo is currently our development, and we are using between 1 – 5 developers, and also a co-owner in JOIN21 AS.

Our global Advisory Board have prominent global experts with interdisciplinary expertise to qualify our journey. We meet monthly, and they have shares in JOIN21.

The number of accumulated man-years to date (employees, advisory board and helpers of the company) is 20. Like any other start-up, we have a set of power couples working day and night to bring out the concepts and test them in the market.

We were lucky to attract a number of experts on this journey, and we have a unique and skilled global team that are working hard to develop a solid SaaS Platform with a monthly subscription model. Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR).


JOIN21 is a global company with a relevant, competent and global team including: a former Telco EVP who helped grow it globally, a practical professor teaching at MIT for 10 years, strong technologists who have worked globally, skilled designers, smart programmers, and an organizational development expert who has been named Top 10 of most influential thinkers of our time.

A total of 5 PHDs with a different focus from political economy, intangibles, Adversity and resilience, organizations and networks, system design, and Geophysics.

Our programmers and data scientists work closely with our researchers and customers and specialize in building intelligent data-driven SaaS platform. Our UX/UI designers have broad experience, strategic thinking, and an eye for details. Please look at our team presented in the prospect.


The founders have experience from 3 previous start-ups in the game development industry, a biotechnology company, and a SaaS company.

We do not have any patents as of now. We have 3 PhDs that protect much of our work. One of these have 3 patents, so we have the expertise to register patents. The question is whether it would slow us down too much in the processes we are in now.

We have started an initial process together with a patent expert in Seattle and our own expert in patents. We have IPR rights in all our agreements and have worked with the Patent Office and protected some product names through the patent office.


The company do not have any payment remarks, and the company is not in financial trouble. 2020 – 2021 was tough years for us like many others. The founders and Advisory Board members continue to see the potential and are dedicated to investing as the company develops. The JOIN21 founders and ‘Advisory Board’ members are investing in this round and in any new rounds.


The company has a strong focus on cash-flow and follows financial developments every week. Our auditor Plus-Revision AS provide half-yearly financial reviews. Co-founders, selected employees and current investors have agreed that new capital is added before liquidity becomes a problem.


JOIN21 is responsible for payments in this investment round and will secure the process together with our bank. We have selected one of the advisory board members, Bjørn Magnus Kopperud to oversee the process, including payments. Bjørn Magnus is a previous EVP in growing global telco and he has invested in JOIN21.

For capital raising, members of our Advisory Board and our individual partners are also investing in JOIN21 and our journey into the global marketplace. We planned a new investment round early 2022 to secure funds to finalize the platform, scale and take a global position.

Our experienced auditor will work together with our CEO Jan Taug, COO Henrik Bentzen and our strategic advisor Bjørn Magnus Kopperud to carry out and quality-assure the process and the paperwork for the Norwegian Brønnøysund Register Authority, and other formalities that are related to the investment process.


JOIN21 management takes responsibility for informing shareholders of the company’s development after the end of the investment process. We will send out a short report to shareholders every quarter. Today we have quarterly board meetings that ensure that all the formalities are in place at all times. All shareholders will also receive our monthly newsletter.

All our shareholders will be invited to our quarterly global Advisory Board meetings with experienced global leaders and investors. It is in these meetings that we discuss strategies and tactics in sales and marketing, product development and follow-up progression with a focus on the OKR process. A report summary will be sent to all owners independent of joining the quarterly meeting or not.

We are creating a ‘JOIN21 Owner Community’ on one of our technology platforms to engage our owners and involve those who want to contribute with customer prospecting, development, market processes and testing.

Once we have completed the investment process, we will give all the new owners access to our open network management course so that those who wish can learn a little about Network leadership and our technology. Less than 10% of leaders and employees have ever seen their organization as a network.

We want as many of our new owners as possible to become part of the future, where network leadership and network technology are the new way to lead and work globally. It is in the network’s knowledge lives, work happens, and trust is created.

A big stretch target is that 50% of managers and employees globally have seen their organization as a network and that new generations naturally lead and work through relationships and networks in the new business landscape.


For questions, please reach out to [email protected] – +47 9012 2900

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Company info:

Bjønndalsveien 4
1481 HAGAN
Org.nr: 919290153

Ad Punctum AS NORWAY 216,667
Paul Stoltz USA 75,000
Milan Markov SERBIA  50,000
Starling Hunter USA    50,000
Skarpö Gård AB SWEDEN 50,000
Daniel Guss Butenschøn NORWAY 50,000
Fred DeKay USA 47,500
Wolfgang M Neumann Hospitality B.V THE NETHERLANDS 35,000
Iversen 1St Sens NORWAY 30,000
BentzenSpark AS NORWAY 27,500
Magnus Chess AS NORWAY 22,500
Slavica Čukanović PR SERBIA 21,000
Marija Mitić PR SERBIA 21,000
John Karlöf SWEDEN 15,000
Le-Hansen Invest AS NORWAY 12,500
Elisabet Karlöf SWEDEN 12,500
RDA Holding AS NORWAY 12,500
Mats Karlöf SWEDEN 12,500
Lars Karlöf SWEDEN 12,500
H. Lone Veje Bentzen NORWAY 10,000
P Sander Holding AS NORWAY 10,000
Leif Jarl NORWAY 10,000
Øystein Brustad NORWAY 7,500
Gudbrand Lunde NORWAY 7,375
Wtalk AB SWEDEN 5,000
Tanja Winther NORWAY 5,000
EntryPoint AS NORWAY 5,000
Skarpö Konsult AB SWEDEN 2,500
Joakim Winther NORWAY 2,500
Anna Winther NORWAY 2,500


1. Shareholder Subscription Form March-April 2022


2. Foundation document

2 – ENG-BREG-Founding document-2017 – translated from ORGINAL by JOIN21.pdf

3. Articles of Association

3 – ENG-NO JOIN21 AS-Articles of Association.pdf

4. Company certificate

4 – ENG – JOIN21 – COMPANY CERTIFICATE – translated by JOIN21.pdf

5. JOIN21 AS 2019 Public Annual report

5 – ENG JOIN21 2019 Financial Report with 2018 – MACHINE TRANSLATED.pdf

6A. JOIN21 AS 2020 Public Annual report without notes

6a – JOIN21 AS 2020 Annual report – Machine translated.pdf

6B. JOIN21 AS 2020 NOTES to Public Annual report

6b – JOIN21 2020 – ENGLISH NOTES FROM 2020 ANNUAL REPORT – Machine_translated.pdf

6C. JOIN21 AS 2020 AUDITOR’S REPORT for 2020


7. Chronicle from Dagens Næringsliv about Network Management

7 – ENG-Chronical -Norwegian Business Daily – how to lead when everoyne work from home.pdf

8. Agreement with the NBIM Oil Fund

8 – ENG – Agreement with NBIM-Oljefondet Aug 2022.pdf

9. Example of market tactics work

9 – Summary of communication insights_JOIN21.pdf

Investors list

An overview of the new investors in this funding campaign. Shareholder lists are public information.