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Wheter you are an investor, leader, HR analysts or employee our individual courses will help you understand how to map your organization or utilize the data you already have.You will get a new approach on interpreting the flows in your company and using Network Leadership methodology to make better and more informaed strategic decisions.

Did you know that 90% of CEOs and managers worldwide have individualistic, directive and top-down model of leadership? It is proven by our own and several independent studies that this management style builds silos, shutting the doors to exchange of ideas and knowledge.

On the contrary, Network Leadership is collective, distributed, open, bottom-up way of leadership which boosts innovation, efficiency and company culture.

It’s time you learn it and get ahead of competition.

Choose the best learning journey for your needs.

Free Mini Course

Curious to get a glimpse into Network Leadership? The free mini course is designed as an eye opener, taking you through the real-life stories of top global organizations.

You get 6 mini-episodes directly in your inbox, containing the key principles of Network Leadership.

  • Open & Online only.
  • Duration & Pace: 6 episodes, self-paced
  • Language: English.
  • Includes: Lectures, case studies and reflection assignments



Want to understand the benefits of Network Leadership and learn how to use it within your organization? Then our Udemy course is just the right format for you. While teaching you key principles and other case studies, we will also guide you to discover how this approach applies to your company, mapping out the networks of your employees and partners, as well as analyzing relationships.

  • 9 online lectures
  • Duration and pace: customized to fit your work.
  • Includes: case studies, the fundamental theory explained by our expert – Starling Hunter, carefully directed reflections
  • Adaptable to diverse participants: management/ employees/ partners.
  • Quiz and assignments.
  • Ask the instructor questions through the platform or book a meeting.
  • Udemy certificate of completion.
$ 39.99



This program is designed for leadership teams, the board, departments, teams, and projects:

Companies activating in cross-boundary settings.

Digitalized organizations who want to improve communication and efficiency.

Organizations transitioning to hybrid ways of work.

Complex work ecosystems comprising a network of multiple stakeholders: employees, partners, suppliers (e.g., Business clusters, co-working spaces).

Entrepreneurs and SMBs who want to hack growth.


All our facilitators have strong experience from executive roles in small and large businesses, while some also have PhDs in the field of human resource management, organizational development, and people analytics.


Management theorist from MIT with interests in organizational design from a network perspective. Teaching globally.


Former EVP HR, EVP Europe in Telenor Group, and Advisor to CEO Scandinavia in Telenor. Investor and member of several boards nationally and internationally.


Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, associate professor at BI, Norwegian School of Business for 11 years, now devoted to help people and organizations release their potential.


Instructional Designer and Facilitator for offline and online coroprate events. In over 9 years, Teodora has designed numerous alternative learning experiences and team events.

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