How to leverage data offered by the Network Leadership Applied Course

We live in the era of remote and hybrid work models and organizations are still learning how to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing world. HR reps, managers and leaders, need to learn how to use the business intelligence offered by Organizational Network Analysis to adopt sustainable strategies. Find out how to stop making decisions based on intuition or trial & error and learn how the Network Leadership Applied Course can help you leverage business intelligence.


Enroll in our Network leadership course and discover where your organization is today and where it can be tomorrow with the help of our experts.

Why join the Network Leadership Applied Course?

We provide companies the opportunity to experiment. The Network Leadership applied course gives you a simple and easy way to help you decide if Organizational Network Analysis is the right tool for you.

The program will help you understand what network analysis is, as well as see how a pilot study works. The pilot study is a simple way to get initial insights on key problem areas and possibilities of improvement with the help of our dynamic data visualization tool.

The Network Leadership Applied Course is focused on your organization and can help solve:

– productivity issues

– disruptions related to COVID

– difficulties in talent retention

– fallbacks in innovation

– and many more.


The time and effort commitments are low and at the end of our Network Leadership Applied Course, you will have the necessary information to assess if our method is right for you.

What is Organizational Network Analysis?

The core idea behind the ONA is that connectedness and exchange of information and knowledge play a vital role in the performance of teams and the whole organization. To truly understand how your organization works you need to be able to visualize and analyze the ties between employees.

In a Deloitte survey, only 9 percent of business leaders truly felt they understood their internal networks. Organizational network analysis helps leaders understand formal and informal networks in their organization and it reveals powerful data they can turn into actionable insights.


How does the tool work?

Making business decisions in the current context is hard and demanding. We offer a practical methodology that uses business intelligence to your company’s benefit.

Explore internal communication and map functional networks within your company.

It is like Google Earth for business and provides hard data. Zoom in and see teams and individuals, zoom out and see projects, departments and the external network of customer partners and suppliers.

This dynamic data visualization tool lets you manipulate and filter data to get the insights you need in real-time. The insights provide an unbiased view of how your organization works so you can fundament your strategic decisions better.


What network analysis is not?

Organizational Network Analysis is not an abstract method. It does not rely on opinions, biased or superficial observations. It enables managers to eliminate cognitive prejudice by providing a full view of all social and functional relations within a company.


Why choose JOIN21?

JOIN21 is a fast-growing Norwegian company set up by five expert PhDs with proven business experience.

JOIN21’s network analysis approach is proven to: accelerate digital transformation, improve innovation, build agile organizations and teams, streamline processes and lower cost. It uncovers your organization’s inner mechanics, informal networks and behavior insights, and provides unique insights to boost engagement, collaboration and competitiveness. We are focusing on building a next-generation company where good people care about building organizations for the 21st century.



Enroll in our Network leadership course and discover where your organization is today and where it can be tomorrow with the help of our experts.