How to adapt the office space for new ways of work?

Most companies do not recognize the cost of having a workplace, that is not suited for their needs, until it is too late. Recent research shows just how costly it can be for small businesses to have offices that are uncoordinated with their needs. Companies are paying a lot for spaces that might be better utilized by individuals or small teams working alongside larger organizations. In order to make sure your workspace is efficient, cost-effective, and best suited for your needs, we developed Agiliate.

We are a group of architects and organizational scientists that recognized the need for a flexible, highly customizable workspace environment that allows individuals to work in an environment they value. Our expertise comes from two different domains – architecture and organizational science.

Agiliate is developed by LINK Arkitektur, one of the leading architectural practices in the Nordics, and by JOIN21 and our team of organizational science experts.

Our ground-breaking software service started as an R&D project in 2019, with a mission to improve architectural space planning, based on digital insights into how organizations objectively work.
We’re triggered by facts – not fixed ideas.

By using AI analytics, we developed a one-of-a-kind approach to offices and other workplace issues. Our goal is to help leaders build next-generation offices and resolve hybrid work dilemmas using objective data.


How does it work?

Our team developed a software service aimed to improve architectural space planning, based on digital insights about how organizations work. The process is based on objective data.
Using our digital survey, Agiliate detects when coworkers interact with the workplace, and how they prefer to work. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The collected data is processed by AI analytics in search of patterns that display how a specific organization actually works – how it collaborates, and how well it is integrated across departments.



Who is it for?

– Organizations undergoing change and re-organization.
– Office tenants on the move, considering relocation.
– Owners of office buildings who want to front-run the needs of tenants.
– Developers of business clusters seeking the optimal match between tenants.
– Advisors of commercial real estate, brokers, technical consultants, and other architects.


Why is it relevant now?


We need to do all we can to incentivize people to work smarter, not harder. Often, we hear leaders say things like: “Strategic alignment is everything.” True alignment requires that we challenge our own assumptions. Often corporate leaders assume that because they established a good system years ago, everyone should simply fall into line and play by the rules. That’s not good enough. We need to think outside the box in order to drive cost-efficiency gains.


“Don’t build what you think your employees want. Build what they need by communicating with them.”

– Michael Ford, Microsoft’s vice president of global real estate and security


Organizations are paying too much for office spaces that do not fit their employee’s needs.

Many leaders all over the world are still looking for ways to increase engagement and innovation, improve productivity, and ultimately drive down the costs of their businesses.

Agiliate challenges the status quo. We are here to make a change – and help organizations save money and time by finding ways to streamline business processes, ensuring teams are working efficiently every day. By leveraging our expertise in architecture and technology-integrated business solutions, we can do all we can to incentivize people to work smarter, not harder. It is time to reimagine the workplace with Agilate.



Agiliate your office

Agiliate will help organizations become more flexible and agile. You can be one of them.