Enrich and Accelerate ADKAR with Role Mapping

The ADKAR change management framework is a step-by-step approach to organizational change management. Or, as Prosci states: “It represents five individual outcomes required for successful change.”


✅ It provides a practical – not a theoretical – approach to change management and shows the exact actions that need to be done.
✅ It’s a ready-made and tested recipe.
✅ It comes with lots of training and support.


➡  It is challenging to apply this model for large-scale change in organizations that have big human resources.
➡  Fails to distinguish between the roles and functions of people involved in change.
➡  The framework points at leaders, HR, and project teams as being change actors, but it is difficult to identify them easily.
➡  Does not take into account the need for the change-makers to address the emotional dimension.

How can Role Mapping enrich and accelerate ADKAR?

Using our proprietary Role Mapping assessment, the ADKAR model can be improved as follows:

Time – In 3 weeks all needed roles for the process will be mapped and you will get a head start for the process

Less work – analysis and role identification is done on your behalf by us (our assessment system)

Scale – Role Mapping can help plot key people in all company sizes, removing any need for manual identification of actors in large organizations

Precise identification – Role mapping scientifically analyzes all the informal networks in a company and identifies the best people to perform change-related tasks.

What precise information will Role Mapping provide?


Remember that knowledge is social. It’s shared between and flows among people who need the skills and who work together.

Role Mapping and CLARC

The CLARC acronym represents the critical roles that managers and supervisors must perform to successfully lead their teams through change. This model is often used together with ADKAR.

But the practice has shown us time and time again that not all managers and supervisors are the right fit to undertake change roles. The success of a change consultant’s work is as good as the results of the change team.

Through Role Mapping we assess the CLARC roles as follows:

Start using Role Mapping for your consultancy process today!